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SkillBridge.Co : The home for Elite Business Consultants and Clients

Freelance  Consultancy has  been  the  most  powerful and Cost effective  Medium in Present Times.Thanks to technology and Telecom  integration which has  made  the  Unique  Platform  for  the  Independent Consultants to showcase  their  Talent and Skills and  get the Tasks done  through the  Powerful Medium of  SkillBridge.

SkillBridge is the  greatest Platform for  the  Elite  Independent  Consultants and  Big Firms  to  connect  and  get their  Consultancy assignments  done  by the  Great  Talent  and  Experienced  Consultants   in the  Several Consultancy sectors  such as Business Plan Development  and  Management  , Marketing Strategy  , Pricing  Strategy , Research , Acquisitions and Mergers  and several  Business  and  Development related  Massive Pool  of  Professionals  waiting for the  Clients  to undertake the  assignments . 

Registration and Membership:  The  Registration for   Both the  Independent Consultants and Clients is  free  and  fast  . It hardly takes  Five Minutes  to complete  .The  Clients  may post their  Consultancy  Projects  on SkillBridge  and  the  Elite  Consultants  Can apply  for  multiple  Consultancy  Assignments  to be completed  with  great  account of Expertise and Professionalism . 

Payments :  The  Clients  could  pay  the  Consultants  through  Secure escrow system  through  Credit card and PayPal  , wire Transfer ACH where as  the independent Consultants  get paid  through  PayPal , Wire Transfer and  ACH . The  Fees  of wire  Transfer  may apply . 

Pros:  The  is  great  marketplace  for  independent  Consultants  and  Firms  to connect and  get their  assignments  completed  through high level of Proficiency . The  SkillBridge  has  very simple  and  Effective  navigation and  registration system which makes  it unique and  professional . The  payment system is also  secure and  convenient  giving you the  multiple  Options .

Cons:  The  SkillBridge  must  have  a  .com domain to attract  more  Clients  since .com ha s been the  great  identity for the  Businesses all over the  world and  show  their  uniqueness  in the  industry . More over the  Site  must  have  Skrill and  Payoneer  as  payments options  . Thirdly , the  SkillBridge must have  job search  Option and  Consultants  Profile  search  Options  as well  . If SkillBridge management does this  , The  SkillBridge will  soon stand  in the  row  of market players and  Leaders  .

Future Trends analysis & Gowth .  From the  growing  trend  of  it can easily be  analysed  the  It  will  soon be  in  talks and  Rocks  provided  that  it incorporates  the  suggestions  given in this  review . Since  the  SkillBridge  has great business model with fewer competitors  in market .

Saturday, December 7, 2013 : The Great Community of Freelance Workers

People  are  getting hooked  to  Online jobs  since  they are  time saving  and  rewarding  at the  same time . Thanks  to the Technology that  made  it Possible for the  Freelancers  to  work on the  Live  Projects  by  working from home . No more angry  looks  of  Boss  no more  work  Pressure  just  to follow  strictly the  deadlines . The  Freelance Mania  in world  has  been transforming into a  very  professional and  established  business  since  these  type  Businesses  require  no passports  , no  work Visas  and  No barriers and  Frontiers . 

People  from all around the world  can  Search Freelance Projects  relevant to their  expertise and  Skills and  work from home  .  The employers  or  Buyers are  also on easy  . They save  their  money by hiring  permanent  employees  and  bearing huge  costs . They  just post their  jobs on the  Freelance Marketplaces and  get their tasks done on time .

We  are  also  going to review  such  Freelance Marketplace  which has  great potential and  Future Prospects  to become the  leading Freelance marketplace  for the  Freelancers and Buyers of  the  world . we  are talking about the none other than .  As the name  suggests  that  the  Freelance marketplace  has  both  hourly and fixed  jobs  but  the Process  is  very simple and  easy for the  Freelancers. 

Registration and Membership:  The  Registration for  both  Jobseekers  and  employers  is  Free  and  Easy  . The  Registration hardly  takes  a minute  to get  started  . The  membership is  also  free  and  fast  . The  Freelance job-seeker  can apply to  various  jobs and  employers  can  post their  Projects  Free  . The with  simple and  easy navigation and  Professional  Design  gives  very  appealing look and you can't help  registering in first  sight .

Projects & Payments:  The  Freelance  Marketplace  has  big pool  of  Freelancers  and  huge number of  Freelance  Projects  posted  daily  in various categories  . The  Simple  and Easy  job posting  Process  makes  the  Process  shorter and  job database  is  growing  day by  day  . Moreover , the  employers  can pay the  Freelancers  by  using Credit card and  Paypal and  Freelancers are also  paid through Paypal and other flexible  payment services.

Pros :  is  very easy and simple  for  both the  Jobseekers  and  Employers  with  single  click  you can  post  jobs and  Apply for  the  freelance  Projects  saving  maximum amount of  time  using  the  powerful platform of  the . 

Cons:  should  concentrate  on marketing and  there  should  be  Job search button  on Home page  along with Portfolio page and  freelancer  Spotlight  and  Payoneer  and  Skrill  as  Payment options . This  will further the  growth of  the  company . 

Future Growth Trend Analysis : From the  growing positive  feedback from both the  freelancers and  Buyers  as  well as  Bloggers  , it can be  estimated  that  with the  rapid  growth  trends  , the  site will  soon  be  counted  among the  market  leaders  in the  Freelance market such as , , and  provided  that the  management improves  the  payments and database  of . Introducing  hourly time tracker  will also  help attract more  hourly projects in the  future . 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Most Influential Blog on the Web:

Blogging  has  been fun  and  Business  at the  same  time  . Gone  those  days  when  blogs  were  solely used  for  as  Personal diaries  but now  the  Blogs  has  grown up  from the stage of  Diaries  to  Super  Powered  Earning machines  .  There are  several  super  Blogs  which  could  be  the  super  Blogs  of  the  year  or  of  years  but the  Blog which  has  inspired  the world  is  non other than . 

Establishment:  Mashable is  brain child  of  Pete Cashmore   , who is the  founder  and  Chief Executive  Officer  of  this  super  Blog  backed  by  a  great  team of   Writers  and  Editors  who  contribute  frequently  updated  content  for the  Content  crazy and  Content  thirsty  Bloggers and  General readers  around  the  Globe  .

The  Blog has  the  most  authoritative  content  and  written   keeping in view  the  audience  choice  as  what the  wanted  read  and  what is  wanted  by them  to see  on their  favorite Blog . That  may be the  reason as  boasted  by the  that reaches  20 Million  Readers   and  60 articles  are  tweeted  every minute having the  mammoth number  of  Social  Media  Followers  which has  crossed  6  million  . Its  not the talk of  hundred  and  thousands  , its  the  talk  of  millions  . 

The  Secret  :  The  Secret of  their  Success  might be the  Frequent  update  of the  Content and  the  most  creative minds   which create  Seo  articles  which  attract and drag  the  visitors  from the  Search engines  to  this  Powerful blog . I personally read  it daily and  have been  reading  since its  establishment  . This  Review  may be  the  return of  the  arts and Skills  , I have  learned  from it  regarding blogging and  being  successful  as  Blogger  . Since  I had  two  Personalities as  role  models  who inspired  me  a lot  that's  why  , I  embarked  upon the  journey of  Blogging world  . They  are  Pete  Cashmore  and  his  Blog  Mashable   and  the other one  is  my  dearest  Blogging  Guru  John Chow and  his  lovely Blog  . 

Why is  Super Blog :  Well  the  blog  Mashable is  super  in  many  ways  .One  it is  frequently  updated  by the team  of  editors and Bloggers  on regular  bases  and the  Second  one  is  that  it provides  the content  fro  many  categories  such as  Social Media  , technology  ,Business  and  Entertainment  ,Startups , Life Style and   much much more  . 

Future Trends and Analysis :  From the  buzzing and  rushy  visitors  and  social  rats , it could  be  estimated  that  Mashable  has  already  knocked  the  doors  of  Success  and  in future  , it  will also  touch  the  heights  of  blogging  and  will maintain  its  monopoly in  content  creation as  well  as  in Blogging  planet  .  The  Blog has  not been  limited  to just blog  but the  blog  such as has  become  full  time  money streams  .  So are  you the  Next  to  enter the  Blogging  World  then  give  vent  to your  ideas  and  materialize  them today   

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Freelance Business Trends in 2013

The  Freelancing has  evolved  to become the  best  medium of  Online Business as  It  Incorporates   the Best Medium of  Internet to  Connect with the  Sellers and Buyers . The Freelance Business Model  has proved that  New  Companies  have  experienced  tough  Financial constraints in the  very beginning owing to limited  Number of  Sales and  limited  number of the Business  activity done on their  Powerful Internet Powered  Platforms  , Though some  freelance  work  takes  place  offline as  well .

The  Freelance marketplace Leaders  such as ,, , , , and have been sucessful  in the last  year  . Notably  ,  acquired  several businesses  such,   , ,   .  The  last Year  2012  was  the  year  of  acquiring  several Freelance  marketplaces  by the  market giant  . The  Company has expanded  its  business  to  worldwide and  continues  to acquire  small Freelance Business  all over the  world  .

The  Freelance Businesses  Connect  Freelancers  of  belonging  to any country  with prospective buyers  of  world  who are on lookout of  verified and  skilled  Freelance  Professionals  to get their  Projects or  assignments done on time . The  Marketplace  bridge the  gap between the  Freelancers  and the prospective  Buyers and  engage them in contracts  on their  powerful technology driven platforms  . The Powerful tools  such time tracking , work snaps  and  24 hour  customer  support and  fraud  prevention and arbitration practices  add value to this  effective and  time saving  Business  . The  Full time  employees  can  earn  some bucks  by working on their  Laptops and  computers  connected  with  High Speed  Broadband  Internet .

Here is  the  analysis  of  Global  Companies and  Analysts about the  Trends and Possibilities of   Freelancing Business in 2013  :

 Elance  Global  Business Survey :

           "The number of full-time employees that quit corporate jobs to work online will triple in 2013.

The Tigers Success Series :
                          " 2013 is the Year of the Business Coach and Freelance Contractor"
The  Freelancing  has  been fun and  profession at same  time . The  Open company  which  employs  the  staff  for  task based  or  Project based  terms and  evaluates their  performance on the basis of  feedback give by the  Buyers  who worked  with those  Freelancers  . The  Freelancing is  very  easy job where you choose  your own time , own schedule and  own type  of  work you want to do . The  Freelancing can be  done from Writing and translation , Web Design and Development , Graphic Design and  Virtual or  Admin Support tasks  . The Choice is yours and  you can do the  nature of  freelance  job you want to do as  per  your  expertise and Experience . Even you can do online  tutoring as  well .

Finally , 2013  as  envisaged  that  it will the  Booming year   for the  Freelance  job as  more and  more  Freelance marketplaces will launched  this year  or  many may be  acquired  by big Business  Tycoons  and  industry leaders  such as  the  ,, ,  or . The Indians  see  the  Freelance  Business  may be affected  by the  Re-Election of  President Obama as  Indian Freelancers   fear  that  Obama  may curtail  or  impose  any  regulations on Freelance business or  levy any taxes  .But rest of the  world sees  a  bright and  luminous path of  success  for Freelance Businesses . But the  Influential  Leaders  listed  above may  maintain their  influence  over the  market share   till any  startups comes  with innovative  features  for  competition.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Seven Secrets of becoming a Successful Freelancer

Freelancers are heading towards  becoming the  regular jobholders  since the modern trends are evident that the  Employers are only hiring those Freelancers who deliver the  work on time and remain in constant contact  with employers to be in their good books . Many newbies  don't know the basics  of  freelance Marketplaces therefore  ,lose the  Projects due to minor mistakes  which cost them very heavy to sustain their  Project base . 

The  Following Seven secrets will help the Freelancers specially the Newbies to get grip or hold on the  Freelance jobs or  projects. The secrets are very important and considered the  key to be the most successful Freelancer over the Internet since  there are hundreds  of  Freelancers in various  categories  , but the only few freelancer pocket the perks of  freelance Marketplaces while others manage to earn few bucks as  part timers to buy some  goods  and coffee. 

1. Be Specific : Being specific to the category you feel that you are very good at and don't try meddle with multiple categories for which you have minimum or zero skills  to to do the jobs . If you apply for such projects which are relevant to your experience and expertise  , you may not succeed despite putting heart and  soul in the project but the  Employer is king , he may not accept the output  you have delivered through limited  Skills but the employer or buyer requires professionalism and the work should satisfy him as  per requirement.If you boast about yourself that you can do multiple things and when project was awarded to you and you delivered the Poorest standard , you are likely to get bad marks  from the buyers in form of  Feedback . As some prospective buyers consider the feedback of any freelancer a key to hire the freelancers from global freelancers pool .

2. Work Hours and Deadline: The most important point for the Freelancers to specify their working hour or weekly limit of maximum hours a freelancer could do any job . Since some  Buyers may require you to work full time as  Virtual Assistants (VA's)  or  Project Managers as  they remain busy in doing multiple things at a time . In such conditions , Be specific and clarify in the Cover letter or application if required by the buyer . You need not ignore the instructions of  buyer in job posting as  some buyers may decline the applications,  then and there ,if you ignored the instructions in cover letter or bidding statement . Deadline is the point when you have to deliver the finessed and proofread document to the buyer on time , if you miss deadline , ultimately , you will miss the train bound to your destination so be  on time and deliver one time  to be a successful Freelancer.In order deliver on time , start early and finish before the deadline as it will create positive points than delivering the date .

3.Be Honest and Polite  : Being honest and  Polite is the key for successful Freelancer since if  your brief the buyer about your  skills in honest way , then there are 100% chances that you may win the bid or be  awarded  the Project right away . The Politeness  while communication gives  the  impression that you are a polished  experienced and  Professional freelancers and ready to work for the project . The Polite  request to offer some test service will further establish you as successful freelancers and you will experiencing tons of Projects coming in your way . 

4. Communicate Regularly and Update the status : here are  several buyers and  each buyer gets   the Projects done  in their own way some remain close  contact with Freelancer to pass the instruction for  the service requested , where as ,some may contact you on the last day of the project for the output . But in both cases  updating the buyers  on daily basis is very necessary to be able to win their trust and inclination to hire you  for longer period .You must check the dashboard regularly to insure that you may have received  any instruction or message from the  buyer . Answer  Immediately  as being non-responsive freelancer creates the impression or  idea that you are not interested or  irresponsible Freelancer and may receive  negative feedback for  communication skills . Update the buyer about the project document ,if .required ,share the part you have completed  for buyers Review. 

5. Asking Questions for  Clearance : If you have  understood the requirements of the  buyer then it is  very nice  . If you feel that you have some confusion about the project document or having any missing information then you must ask from the buyer to get it cleared before starting to work on the Assignment. As as many questions as you could related to the project to get it cleared so that you may not have to revise  it when your buyer say that he wanted  some points in it and you have not incorporated the same in the document . So , In order to escape such inconveniences, you must insure that you have understood the details of the project and you are ready to start work the project . Such gestures produce  awesome results and the output is mostly accepted by the buyers if it was created  by keeping the instruction in mind .  

6.Proof Read for Errors , Bugs or Typo mistakes:  Before sending the documents to the buyer first  insure that the  document you have  created  in free  from typo , grammar or infatuation or Capitalization mistakes . If you are freelance designers or Programmers  , you must check it live whether the document has any programming errors or bugs  so that you may fix  them all and deliver an error free and perfect document to the buyers . sometimes , you buyer gets annoyed  to receive the document which may be full of  grammatical and TYPO errors  and  may not accept the document and may not pay you for the services delivered since your product was  not proofread and spellings checked or  bugs  fixed  .

7.Profile update and Portfolio and Custom Bid: The most important and the most rewarding point is that  you must have  an updated  portfolio on the  Freelance Marketplaces and you must mention those  skills  which you believe that you are good at and can display the example of  your  past work or  portfolio to make sure that you have  mentioned  only those  skills which have  already practiced and got positive  feedback . In profile you may give career goals , length of  experience and skills , guarantees  for standard and quality of the work [FA_Lite id="941"] and links to your Blog ,content or websites you have worked for .
Don't lie or boast too much ,just presenting you skills  to the buyers ,would be enough. Always create  custom cover letters or custom bid statement keeping in mind the instruction of the job post . If  you ignore the  instruction and use recycled or copy pasted cover letter for  all jobs , you will receive limited responses from the prospective buyers . In order  to get positive responses  , always create custom bid or proposal for the every new job you apply . Don't use  the same proposal or cover letter for multiple jobs . 

So, freelancers , we are summing this discussion up  with following advice that  if you keep  above points in your mind  to enter the lucrative and boundless  world  of  Freelance , I am certain that you will certainly rule the roost in freelance World  and I am afraid that seeing the great success  , you may give up you day job . but don't make such blunder until you find enough resources and  establish yourself as Professional  freelancer over the Internet .

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Exploring New Freelance Site

Freelance  has  been  the  top choice  for  E-Hiring  or  Outsourcing  Companies  since  you have  the Choice of  Selecting the  Freelance  Professional  from the   Wider  Pool of  Qualified and  Skilled  Experts  for  your  Projects  Needs  . Thousands  of  Companies  Outsource  Professionals  around  the  world  in order to  minimize  HR  costs  for the Experts  . is  the  great  emerging marketplace  for  the  Buyers  and  Freelancers  to gather  and get  connected  for  the  Business  Needs  .Freelancers Outpost  is  great  Solution for the  Prospective  Buyers and  Project aspiring  Freelance  Professionals . It provides  the  simple but  effective  tools  for  making the  Outsourcing  easy and  effective .

Registration:Freelancers  can register  Free  of  Cost and  Bid  on  unlimited  Projects  but will  have  to pay  10%  of  Winning bid  to  Freelancers Outpost  as  Project Fee  whereas  Buyers  can  Post unlimited Projects for  Free  on Freelancers Outpost and  can receive maximum  10 bids  on the  posted  Project  in order  to  avoid  rush or  clutter  .

Payment:  Freelancers  get  paid  in Bulk through  PayPal   from 1st  to 14th  of  every Month  where as Buyers  can  pay  through  PayPal and  Credit card  and  deposit funds in secure  Escrow  Payment System of  Freelancers  Outpost  .  The  Payment system is very easy and  effective  . Freelancers  from India  or  Asian Countries  could  face  some  payment issues  .

Pros:  Freelancers Outpost  is great  site for  Freelancers and  Buyers  to  get  connected  and  do business  and avail the  powerful  Marketplace of  Freelancers  Outpost. The  Registration  for  Freelancers is  free  and  Buyers  can Post unlimited  Projects  for Free as  well  . However  , the Freelancers  only pay  10%  of  winning Bid  as  Project fee  to cover  Marketplace  expenses .

Cons: The  Marketplace  design is  not professional or  Attractive  and  lacks  modern  features for  Profiling and  Multi-Payment  Options for  Freelancers and  Buyers  so that  Outsourcing  could be  done  easily  and  Effectively .  The domain Name  may be  shortened  ,should  be  unique and should  match the  Freelance Industry  as  brand .

Future  Trends  and  Analysis  :  From  the  growing  Project base  and  business  of ,it could  be analyzed   that  Soon  it  will  be  among the  leading  Freelance Marketplaces  such ,  ,  and  .